November 14, 2021: Payouts for the month of October complete PLUS another payouts plan update

That seems to have done the trick, thanks @Alexey !

I haven’t seen this happen before. Wonder what might have caused this. But all good and I’ll get back to the earnings calculator update soon.

Edit: It looks like the receipt amount also doesn’t include the zksync bonus. Which is understandable with a new change like this. Is there a plan to include this info somewhere on the dashboard / in the databases and API?

It was before like this. To force update data from the satellites you need to restart the node or wait for 12-24 hours after the payout is finished. Maybe it never update until restart (I suspect this).
The problem is - there is usually update every week and your node will be restarted almost right after the payout has been completed, so you have not had a chance to catch this before :slight_smile:

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Since this was the first time, we sent about half of the zkSync payouts before remembering to add the bonus! Whoops! So one half got the bonus in the same transaction and the other half got an additional transaction. We’ve made sure our processes address this going forward. You must have been in the first half @BrightSilence.


how to top up via zksync?

That isnt zksync, Its still the normal pay on ETH L1

I just wanted to follow up and say we’re still working on this! Thanks for your patience as we get additional preflight reviews!

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Well, changing the rules in the middle of the game (25 → 10%) isn’t nice.
I’ve been running a node for almost a year. I never received anything. I estimate I will get paid for the first time in 2 or 3 months. Moving to 10%, I estimate it will take another year to get paid. That is if you don’t change the rules again… who knows what will happen in 1 year?
Most SNO’s own a Binance account. You can make one single transfer into a Storj account in Binance and from that account process all payments. It’s a bit of work, I guess, but fees for you would be negligible…

This was me - I started around the same time and every time I saw a payout getting closer the rules changed. I just eventually gave up on L1 and moved to zksync. Don’t get me wrong. I am not a fan that storj chose a solution that remains half baked but it is all about cost avoidance for them. That’s just a simple statement of reailty and I didn’t see the point of continuing the debate any longer. I am not a fan of zksync - but we are stuck with it it seems. I still don’t expect to be able to use my tokens for at least another year though due to the transfer costs.

It’s not applied yet. See the original proposal:

So, it’s not like you described. You was warned in the last month, and reminded in the current.

Well, I’m not sure which is better, to “own” coins that are stuck in Storj’s pockets or to “own” coins that are stuck in a zksync wallet. Either way, the coins are unusable…
Anyway, this move to zksync was a bit lame… it would have been more honest from Storj to state that SNO’s would have to pay for the fees to receive payments. Unless you’re a big whale or a HODL, that is what is going on…
No SNO wants to burden Storj with fees, we all want Storj to succeed and be profitable for the team. It´s just that this zksync solution is NOT a solution, and they should stop selling it as if it is. Arguments like “You don’t own the coins in a DEX, if you move to zksync you will hold the keys and the coins will really belong to you!”.
For plim’s sake… I’ve bought a few used cars, I know a used car seller when I see one…

This is more for Centralized Exchanges, where you are really doesn’t have keys. Not yours keys - not your money.
DEX (Decentralized Exchanges) usually allow you to use your own wallet, where you control your keys.
A few wallets have a DEX or swap functions and can work with zkSync (I heard about Numio for example, but I cannot confirm that, I do not use it).

That would depend on the interpretation of the word “Decentralized” in DEX. For some, you included, “D” stands for the user owning the keys, which is a perfectly acceptable interpretation. But for many, “D” stands for an EX where you trade decentralized goods.
The best example you came up with on “how to own usable zkSync-STORJ coins” was Numio, and you’re not even sure about it… that says something on how well thought this zkSync thing was…

I know it’s not applied yet. That’s why I think it is still worth talking about it…

That’s simply not what DEX means. @Alexey was using the only correct meaning. The term is used to separate decentralized exchanges from centralized ones. Decentralized exchange - Wikipedia

You don’t have coins or tokens in a DEX (unless you are a liquidity provider), they provide a way to trade, but transactions happen to and from your own wallet.

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I kind of agree with what you wrote…
But still, that’s not the way many people see it… I would argue most consider Binance to be a DEX…
And if you take the trouble of reading the wiki link you posted, you’ll find that “decentralization” is not a binary thing… there are 50 shades of grey between EX and DEX…

But, is this important? Do you recall what’s at stake here?
@Alexey grabbed the opportunity I gave him, by using a bad word, to dismiss and hide my post, and choose to comment only on some “imprecision” I might have made, while disregarding the important issues… are you sure you want to keep battling the imprecision?

To make it more complicated they actually have DEX :slight_smile:

Regarding hiding your post: What are Flags and how do they work? - faq - Discourse Meta
But I see a reason why it was hided - because it’s breaking Code of Conduct and Community Standards - Storj Community Forum (official)
As soon as you redacted your post it become unhided.

You weren’t convinced enough that zkSync is not a solution to the problem of high commissions if you want to get earned every month, and not wait until a sufficient amount is accumulated.

The use of harsh words and offensive language did not in the least support your arguments, rather the opposite.

It’s not, but the resulting confusion was the direct result of misusing the term. So probably just avoid that in the future.

I’ve been around here long enough to know @Alexey has very thick skin and wouldn’t ignore your comment for one bad word. Community members can flag your post though and if multiple do, it gets hidden. Easy to resolve by editing.

As for the underlying argument. It is simply a fact that if you don’t own the keys, you are not in control of the tokens. You are relying on trusting an external party that can at any moment run away with your tokens or be hacked and have someone else run away with them. You didn’t actually bring up an argument against that other than.

Are we to infer your argument from that?


Just realized I should probably have posted a comment on this thread linking to SNO Payment mega-FAQ. I updated the original post, but I don’t know if folks get notifications from edits.



Just noticed this zkSync bonus.
I’ve been using zkSync almost from the very beginning (when you gave us this option).
My question: how can we see on the dashboard that we received the zkSync bonus?


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If you don’t mind me answering that. I’m pretty sure you can’t at the moment. In order to include it in the earnings calculator I dug through the databases and the amount including the bonus isn’t mentioned anywhere. You can now see it in the earnings calculator if the payout link shows zkSync was used for the payout and the month you’re looking at is October 2021 or later. But I had to manually derive that and calculate the 10% myself.