November Payments & Surge Payouts update

November Payments, plus extended surge payouts

Hi, everybody. this is Jocelyn from Storj. I’m making this thread so folks have a place to discuss some really exciting news about the payments that will be going out shortly – and also some news around the surge pricing. I’m putting the official announcement below. What do you think? We are trying hard always to reward SNOs and balance our supply with upcoming demand. I would love to hear your thoughts!! Announcement is below:

It’s been a busy month, and we want to reward all of our Node Operators for supporting Storj Labs over the last few months as we’re ramping up for production. With that said we’re happy to announce we’ll continue surge payouts for November (4X) and December (3X), and January (2X). We always make payments during the first two weeks of the month, and November’s payouts will hit your wallets this Wednesday, December 4, 2019.

Very soon, we’re going to start onboarding a lot more customers, so if you’ve taken your Node offline, now is the perfect time to get your Node back up so you can take advantage of surge payouts and earn more.

Thanks again for supporting Storj Labs, we couldn’t build the decentralized future without you.

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to visit the community or visit support.



@Knowledge @Alexey : This is the news that I mentioned. Would love to have you pop into the discussion as it develops, thanks

Hi Jocelyn,

That is really good news, thank you!
Any clearer ETA for customer onboarding?
Are these the developers group that have gotten 1TB storage?

Keep up the good work!

Hi @JB273 I can get you the latest scoop on that. What kind of project are you interested to build with Storj? If youre not in secret stealth mode that is :wink: I’m asking because I have longrange plans for a showcase area to highlight community projects!

I am mainly in this as a SNO, but I am also considering using it to backup critical files. I store my files pretty well (RAID, auto snapshots, frequent manual offsite backups), but just in case of some extreme disaster. Multiple hard drives failing at once, ransomware attack on multiple systems at once, or if the Dutch dams decide to give up.

It will only be the most important files (for example my passwords database which also contains cryptocurrency private keys and decryption keys for important data). By keeping the amount of data low, I’ll be able to pay for it using the money I get by renting my (relatively) unreliable storage (and have most of the money still left over to hopefully).

I do see this as a very viable solution for businesses to store larger amounts of data reliably.

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Hir @Derkades Storj is good for storing important data because its resilient… the decentralized aspect makes for a nice peace-of-mind . I have noticed a few folks bringing up this idea of ‘perpetual motion machine’ in which the data they want to store and the payment for operating a node somewhat offset each other.

I believe theres an extant thread very similar to what youre suggesting above…if I can find it, i may split off your comment to that thread so you can more easily reference it :slight_smile:

Thanks!!! We appreciate the support we get from the community so much. :pray:t4: It really means a lot, especially to the engineers who are working around the clock sometimes to hit our go-to-market targets.

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Good news @jocelyn.
Astrologers proclaim the week of nodes. Count of storagenodes doubles!
It is possible to double audit checks too? Vetting very slow right now. Where a days with zero audites on New nodes.


Great news and great to ear :slight_smile:
But, we haven´t gone full Production and my 3 months old RPI SNO with 2TB is completely full already.
Is this mainly test data or a lot of it is customer paying data?
Otherwise I´ll generate very few traffic per month.

Hi Jocelyn,

I’m not running any projects, just being very curious about the information :wink:
But if you’re willing to share the info with our community I won’t be holding you back :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Hi @JB273 were having very animated discussions internally at Storj abut this exact subject (customer onboarding) We’ll be making anouncements soon as we nail down some logistics. We’re trying to make make sure we get everything right and that customers can use the platform with a minimum of friction!
But yes, i expect some good news to be coming out over the next several weeks

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Hey @jocelyn, now you made me (and probably) other even more curious… :rofl::joy:

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