Novice troubles

Hey lads,
I’ve been hosting since March this year and earned some $ but I have no idea how to transfer earnings to my wallet. Please help


Where did you find the wallet address you use in your node ? Is it from an exchange or a wallet from ledger, trezor or any other wallet?

so I opted for Zksync and added my wallet address which I created on Etherscan. I can see balance from storj but when I go and make withdrawal I’m told I need to pay around 7 US$
I’m just lost in all this

Please check this guide: ZkSync Payments - Storj Docs
If your account on zkSync Lite is not activated yet on Ethereum, you would need to pay an activation fee (it will be included to your first transfer fee to the Ethereum address). You may specify your address on Ethereum (the same as on zkSync), or use any other, include exchange deposit address. The fee would be paid in STORJ tokens.

How? I cant find a link to wallet software?

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If you used a custodial “wallet”, where you do not control your private keys, then this “wallet” belongs to the owners of the site (including your funds on it), where you generated it. And thus you cannot use a cheaper transfer function from zkSync Lite to any Ethereum address and can only use an expensive alternative withdrawal method and only to the same address on Ethereum and the fee will be required to pay in ETH.