Object is not visible in Storj network bucket

Hi…I am using go lang program for uploading data to storj network .after uploading data i can download data by its upload path for example “test/test.txt” but when i login to storj network and check how many object bucket contains , it is displaying none.

What you mean with login to storj network? If you mean the satellite account afaik buckets gets updates every 10 minutes, i expect same for files but it is not realtime in this view.

10 minutes? I would expect up to an hour. That is the interval for the used space calculation.

@littleskunk Yes , it is taking more than 40 min .

Thank you @littleskunk and @BlackDuck .

Look at Next step in this picture, this is why I expect 10 minutes! Maybe it need written in more detail.

Please create a jira ticket for that.