October payout is out

I have just received the October payment for my nodes. Very punctual. Thank you StorjLabs :slight_smile:


Something about the Payout for October. I just calculated the pay for both of my nodes. Its summed 3,93$. When I put those numbers in the Euro Dollar Exchange Calculater it says 3,36€ but I just recieved 2,89€ in my wallet. Is this because of the Dollar Storj Exchange rate and the dropped Storj value?


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Have you deleted order files from your node ? This is usually done when you encounter listing orders error and orders aren’t being submitted. Deleting order files would lead to lesser payout.

@nerdatwork i didn’t deleted anything by myself.

etherscan show that storj lost 7.7% in price during last 24h it can be the difference.

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Where can I check the Orders Folder?

There is a directory called orders in the node’s storage location. In this directory there is an archive and an unsent folder. if you have more than 10 files in the unsent folder, it means you have orders that were not sent to the satellites.

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In the unsend folder are 5 unsent files. So I think it should be fine…

I would recommend to compare the dashboard and value in USD on the Etherscan. It’s not precise enough, but at least more precise than USD/EUR conversion on some exchange with unknown cut off.

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Thanks for the tip @Alexey. As I said, i was just wondering about the €-amount. But you are right. There of copurse is some cut off I dont know about it.


You are welcome!
There is other point - all calculations in SNO’s payout, in invoicing for customers is in USD, there is no EUR, so it’s problematic to count it in EUR, especially when SNOs are paid in STORJ tokens of USD sum on date of payout.

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