Odroid HC2 or Raspberry Pi 4

Hi guys,

I’m going to do a new node soon.

Any opinions which board I should chose Odroid HC2 or Raspberry Pi4?
Odroid seems to be more comfortable as hdd and board will be in one case…

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I just looked into the Odroid HC2 and it looks like the perfect solution for one device one node. If you would like to run multiple nodes per device the pi gets an advantage as far as I can tell. (I haven’t run either)

for a single HDD the odroid c2 is better imo because it has a reliable SATA connector. But if you want to connect more HDDs by USB, the pi4 is better because it has USB3 and the odroid only USB2.

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I’m currently using the odroid HC4 with 2 SATA HDDs and it’s performing great.
My Setup is with SSD cache and normal HDD combined with mergerFS. All running on an Ubuntu 20.04.
AFAIK Debian 10 works too…so OMV would be an easy option too.


I’ve been running an odroid HC2 for 8 months now and it works flawlessly !
I tucked it behind a cabinet and it got a bit too warm because it was getting basically zero airflow, I added a fan powered via the usb port and now it stays nice and cool.
In my opinion it’s the perfect solution if you want so set it and forget it. Does cost a bit more than a raspberry pi though.