ODROID-HC4 - $65 2-bay network attached storage device

If anyone is interested in quick and cheap 2 node setup with 3.5" or 2.5" drives.


Hah, I saw this as well and my purchase finger is getting a bit twitchy, so I may end up purchasing one in the coming months. I just wish the enclosure was an enclosure and not a dock. It is definitely better than what I was considering doing earlier with a NanoPi Neo SATA kit.

I was about to post about it on the forum hahaha
I guess I know what my next node will be !

difficult to beat $65 for a device with 2 sata slots. looks like a decent solution for any small NAS. Way better than the RPis due to their SATA connectors.


Apparently there’s a way to expose the PCI-E lane on a raspberry pi 4 so you could theoretically plug in one of those PCI-E 1x to sata adapters and get 4 sata ports but it requires a bit of soldering and seems a bit dodgy…

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Might be a useful daughter board for the new pi 4 compute module…