Official Synology NAS App

Hi there. I’m both a Storj user and node operator.

I use Storj to backup my Synology NAS with family photos/videos/etc., and I also run a node on the same NAS which I use to rent out space via the Storj network.

One question I have is – is anyone from Storj working on building an officially supported Synology app? I can see two possible integration points here:

  • One integration point would be first-class support for Storj within HyperBackup. This would allow Synology admins to more easily configure Storj as a solution without using the S3 endpoints raw. Might also be a good way to get some exposure within the Synology community and build the userbase there.
  • Another would be building a first-class Synology app for node operators. Ideally something that will automate the process of using Container Manager to configure/setup a new Storj node, simplify the identity generation stuff (potentially tell users to install the identity stuff on their laptops and then upload the zip file into the UI), and then expose the Node operator dashboard.

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Not much point in making this app ourselves, it requires support and spending limited resources to the not so useful GUI wrapper around docker. If someone from the Community decide to develop it - no problem, we can help.
Right now using a docker container is much more simpler process, it’s easy to manage and configure, the docker image has an automatic updater inside, so you would run it with your configuration options and usually that’s all. Just check that it’s online from time to time.

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And this is leaving out the pathetic state of Synology app developer platform.

It’s so hopeless, backwards, and broken, I lost all faith in humanity and was contemplating quitting software development when I had crazy idea to make myself an app, in the era of me using those abominations. Everything is wrong, unsupportable, fragile, meaningless, backwards, and I don’t know. Stupid. That’s the word. Synology app development ecosystem is stupid.

Please don’t ask anyone on storj team to develop Synology app. Because they will get depressed and quit, if they try


I was poking around the support documentation and not finding a lot of previous information that I recall seeing on the SNO docker setup pages. Can you point me to current setup process documentation and this new “automatic” install?

Since you have a Synology NAS, you need to enable docker and ssh, login via ssh and follow this guide:

However, I would recommend to generate an identity on more powerful PC, than on Synology, otherwise it may take days.

I’m using Windows Node
Also, I am using Synology and running it as a Docker container, and Docker is really easy to manage and install. The original plan was to expand Node for Windows, but I changed my mind.

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