Official Tool for Windows 11 with several Nodes (USB HDD´s)

I am working with a Mini-PC as Server, where is an external USB HDD-Drive included as a StorJ Node. This PC works with Windows 11.

My current StorJ Node was originally installed by the Win-Installer package and works just fine.
Now it is nearly full and I need another USB-Drive for a second node.

Is there any official Tool for Windows to setup more than one Node on one PC?
I only found the official Tool named Docker what is for Linux and not Windows.
I did not found anything official for Windows.

For Windows there is just an inofficial community Tool … Maybe it will work, maybe not.

I am just looking for official ways to work with on Windows.
Or did i have to change everything to Linux, that i am not really know?

Thank you for any new information.


As far as I know, there is not an “official” way to run multiple nodes on any platform, as originally Storj did not want users to run more than one node at their location. That knowledge base has been revised to allow for it, but as of now I’m unaware of a guide to do it. As there are, of course, different approaches.

With Windows, I’ve never tried sandboxing my nodes to get them to run under one user/session. I will have to think about it and perhaps experiment with setting that up. If it is workable, I could put something together for it. Or one of the users here may have info they can share on how they go about it.

And of course, you can run Docker under Windows, no problem.

While there is no official support for this from Storj Labs, you may be interested in trying the tool provided and maintained by a community member that would allow you to set up several windows nodes. Please refer to this thread and post any questions you may have in that same thread. Many other community members are successfully running multiple nodes using this tool.

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Hello @Dragon,
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You may also take a look on

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I use also a windows node and I use Microsoft storage space as a raid system. I am happy with that I have 12, 5 tb of different size hard disks and without parity data I can use 8.5 tb of it because I use many hard disks I can lost 1 or 2 without loosing any data. But it is not bullet proof I messed something up and destroyed the whole array. But for the most time it is a reliable and safe raid system. It restores automatically my data if any hard disk was hung or wasn’t responding or the whole pc crashed. But you need to defragment the space from time to time to free up unused disk space and optimize the data structure especially if you add SSDs to the space as cache or fast storage

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