Offline for nearly 30 Days

Hey guys,

Nearly all of my Nodes are running fine, but there is this one i forgot about :stuck_out_tongue:
So NAT was failed, Node was offline.

Unfortunately for 30 Days :confused:

As far as I know Downtime Suspension is active since 22nd March. Downtime Disqualification is still disabled? The Downtime-Tracker begins at the 22nd of March?

Is there the Chance to recover? Now the Node is online and works like a charme. Will i be suspended or disqualified? Can i sit out this or do I have to start over?

Its my fault, I know ;))

I’m not clear if it’ll be fine, but as long as it doesn’t show it’s been disqualified, keep it up, you never know…

It should have been disqualified if it had been offline for more than 30 days I believe, so you got lucky if it’s not.

With regards to online scores, they should at least suspend your node :thinking:
They will recover within 30 days if the node doesn’t get disqualified before that.

Let’s see how it goes, keep us updated ^^


Yup: I don’t think anyone gets disqualified… yet. So stay online and my bet is you’ll recover just fine. Good luck!

Those are some odd results…

I had a day of downtime this week and it only got noticed by one satellite so you might get away with it too. You might get quite a big delete tho

You will certainly be suspended. I’m a little surprised that hasn’t happened though. It was my understanding you would be suspended for downtime when the uptime drops below 60%. When downtime disqualification is enabled, you have a week to fix it and then a monitoring period of 30 days following that first week. If at the end of that 30 days your node is still suspended (below 60%) it will get disqualified. Luckily that part is not live yet. And hopefully it won’t be before your node has time to get its scores above 60%.
While your node was offline as well as during suspension, the pieces on your node are marked as unhealthy. This means they don’t count towards the availability of pieces anymore. If during that time a piece falls below the repair threshold, it will be repaired based on the still available pieces and your nodes piece will be replaced elsewhere. As a result your node will collect a lot of garbage of pieces it should no longer have. You’ll see significant amounts of trash on your node for the upcoming period.

But the bottom line is, your node will recover if things stay as they are right now and you keep it online. Though it will have lost some data, there won’t be any other lasting effect on reputation. So just keep it running and be happy downtime disqualification hasn’t been enabled yet. :slight_smile:


Thank you very much for your responses.
So I will leave it online and we will see if it recovers :wink:

I will keep you updated :wink:


Update till now:
Node is still online, 100% Suspension Score and Audit Score.
Online Score recovers step by step but sees some collapse before :wink:

I see some Egress and Ingress, too.



Found some interesting things.
Online-Rates are Recovering. Audit and Suspension-Score at 100%.
But there is one Notification about " Your Node was suspended 2021-03-14 00:47:38.028737 +0000 UTC: This is a reminder that your StorageNode on 12tRQrMTWUWwzwGh18i7Fqs67kmdhH9t6aToeiwbo5mfS2rUmoSatellite is suspended".

How could this be with all Scores at 100%? Why only 1 Satellite?
And the Online Score at the asia-east satellite is at 0% and does not recover. Looks like a Suspension? But why there is no Info at the Dashboard and 100%-Scores?^^
Looks a little bit strange to me.

Your node can be suspended if online score below 60% for more than 288 hours. However, it’s curious why other satellites did not suspend your node.

The suspension mean that your node will not receive an ingress from that satellite, but audits and egress are still be performed.

Since the Asia is not recovering, then maybe worth to check is there some blocking rules on your firewall or your ISP’s firewall for the specific IPs?

Thank you very much for your suggestions!

I have changed nothing and now i see Online-Score recovering on asia, too (maybe was too low traffic or something like this):

Still no Suspension (except the one Notification) and all Scores on 100%, maybe I have luck xD

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