Offline node after restarting router

Hello, I am new to this community. I have seen that the people here have a very high technical level. My intention creating this post, apart from trying to find a solution for my problem, is that less experienced operators like me can be solving problems from a low perspective. A few days ago I managed to run my first node under windows and without problems until today. I have had to disconnect the router for a while and when I connected it again my node was offline. I have checked ports, firewall, non-ip dashboard and rebooted node in powershell and it doesn’t work. I would appreciate it if you could help me. Thank you

Is it docker or GUI ? Have you checked if NO-IP is working properly?

Thanks for replying, I don’t know the difference between docker or GUI I installed the node from the storj website installer. The three green tick of no-ip are

Can you show a screenshot of your dashboard ?

maybe try restarting the device the node is on… if you rebooted the router it can take a while before the device with the storagenode reconnects to the router / internet, it shouldn’t but it sometimes will…

I have rebooted the router and checked the ports and they are fine

I have also restarted the computer and it does not work

did you check that the dhcp didn’t give your devices new IP addresses now that it was rebooted…

your ports might be routed to the correct ip but if the storagenode is on another ip isn’t not going to work either…

if you are using dhcp you should change it to static ip, so it doesn’t drift for whatever reason…

Could you explain how I check it?

either you can write cmd in the search bar that will give you a commandline

then you can do an ipconfig /all to see your NIC

else there is the long route inside windows… its where you would also change to a static ip from dhcp if thats the issue.

click the network symbol in the systemtray
click network and internet settings then
click change adapter options
right click on the adapter you are using there might be multiple ones depending on how your computer is setup

and then select status and in the windows that opens
click details…
might be a shorter route to there… but thats the way i’m using in win 10 xD

then you can see the ip in IPv4

Can you show result of this command? Enter it in command prompt.

docker logs --tail 20 storagenode

check your router has not assigned another local IP address to your NIC node, if so, the port forwarding rules are not working anymore

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