offline/Online emails lagging

Today morning one my node gone offline.
I made it back online about 1-2h after.
But email appeared about offline and immediately online after several h after issue was resolved.

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Same thing has happened to one of my nodes in the past. Email probably isn’t a great warning system.

usually it works fine, but may be servers overloaded or something.

This is why we suggest to use an external monitoring systems designed for it.
You may also use the Grafana notifications as well: [Tech Preview] Email alerts with Grafana and Prometheus

same here the email notifications about the nodes being offline arrive when they get back online.
even with near days of downtime.

We fixed this a while ago:

However, delays are still there, because online checks has a low variable frequency. But notifications at least sent when the event is detected, not when the node become online as was before.
This why it’s still better to use an external monitoring tools with more high checks frequency.

think i happened for me recently… but maybe i’m mistaken and it was a while ago…
certainly was more than a couple of weeks :smiley: