Storage node email notification on all satellites

Fixing all the bugs on the QA satellite has taken longer than expected. Finally we are ready to enable it in production.

The email comes with an unsubscribe link. If you don’t want them just unsubscribe.

We would love to hear your feedback :slight_smile:


List of email events:

  • Node offline (triggered by the next audit. Time delay depends on the node size and audit interval)
  • Node back online
  • Node disqualification
  • Node suspended
  • Node unsuspended
  • Node outdated (below minimum version for node selection)

Love this @littleskunk

Really helps SNOs , and these kind of alerts was the focus of my project.

However my project may still be quicker of informing you of a node being offline as it polls currently every 10 minutes.

Great work Storjlings!


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That drive image dosen’t look to accurate. Drives and drive cases have rectangular shapes.
That resembles an AppleTV :grin: on a shiny table.
A rectangular case, not a square one, would be more appropiate, like a NAS unit.
And the led lights should glow green for “back online” and red for “offline”.

It’s not a drive. It’s a storage node. An idea of a storage node.

Have you seen what we are using as a Save icon in most software today? It will blow your mind :upside_down_face:

Some NAS units are square btw :slight_smile:

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For the unaware


@nerdatwork and @arrogantrabbit are right - this is not the drive, this is storagenode. And I believe that image is likely inspired by this

I still have the similar box, but unbranded one and it actually looks similar (except signature and label). This is raspberry pi3 in geekworm’s box with their SATA expansion card and power supply. Working very well since 2019.

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I can’t see the pic in the forum (iOs Safari), only after clicking the blank space, a page opens with that pic. Didn’t know what you were talking about.


Chrome mobile

Very wierd… on iOs Brave, it displays corectly, but I know that Brave or any other browser still uses the same webkit from Apple. Maybe it’s a setting in Safari that I made… I played with the advanced settings and there is no way to reset them to default.

Perhaps you misinformed. The Safari browser uses an own technology unlike all Chromium-enabled including Google Chrome, Brave and all others derived from Chromium. The Firefox browser uses an own technology as well.
So, Safari is like an MS Internet Explorer - the last dinosaur who uses an own technology…
Of course - incompatible with all others.

Quite happy to have stuff out there that is not based on Chromium
Long live the dinosaurs!


Nope, on iOs they all use Apple’s backbone. There were recent signs that Apple will let them move to their primary engines, but I don’t know if it already happened. Maybe they moved to Chromium, not sure…

It’s the opposite. Chromium is like internet explorer. Everyone is pushed to adopt it, web sites are getting only tested with chromium, or even start relying on chromium-specific features and quirks, even if they are incompatible with web standards — and if it works why bother testing with other browsers, if vast majority of users use chromium? Users will think the other browser broken — hey the app works in chrome — and move to chrome.

This is exactly what happened with IE and it almost killed the web.

I myself use two browsers - Safari and (very occasionally) Firefox on desktops that are not macOS. I despise chromium, and Chrome specifically, for a long list of reasons. (Not smallest of which was their refusal to implement proper font rendering for obscenely long time, and general disregard to app development guidelines and resource usage. Its bloated unusable garbage).

So yes. I’m glad WebKit and Gecko exist. I’m not touching chrome with 10 ft stolen stick.


Plus, it stinks of Google :wink:


Not really. IE started heavily deviating from web standards to an extent that isn’t happening with chromium (yet). For what it’s worth, chromium tends to focus on getting stuff added to web standards. That said, any decent web developer would test on at least safari and Firefox as well. But the truth is that they are MUCH more intercompatible than in the IE days.

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