Offline problem

6 TB used by another program, 4TB assigned to STORJ.

Is this your current public IP does it change?

Yes it is my public IP address. It does not change.

If it doesnt change why did you setup DUC? Have you checked to make sure your IP hasnt changed?

I was unaware that it was static. I am very inexperienced at the tech issues with ip addresses and at the beginning I was working on trying to get a local ip address with an open port to work. It was only after many hours of working with my ISP and the Storj community that I discovered my public address was completely different from the local addresses. I started running DUC during the setup stage as a suggestion from the community, again I was unaware at this time that my public address was static. Not knowing how DUC and Storj node was linked I just let it continue to run. It was sometime after getting the node up and running that I discovered that it could run without DUC (however I did continue to do the monthly renewal of DUC). With this most current problem I was trying anything to get back online and DUC was one of the steps I tried.

Should I reinstall and modify the folder space? Also “” says that every port is closed on my public IP.

Then the port is not open or accessible. Either your IP has changed or the settings in the router are wrong. Apparently the node was running so something must have been changed.

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Got the port open and active, did a reinstall of the node software. It apprears that all is well and I’m online. Thanks to all for your patience and help.

Then probably it isn’t static.

Some people believe themselves to be on static contracts, however they do receive a new IP address at some point. You should really check that with your ISP.

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