Offline Status first step

Hello guys,

I am making my first step with StorJ but I am having some issues already. By the way, I thought it was well configured but It seems not since I am getting an OFFLINE status.

I’ve followed the complete SNO tutorial and it says my node probably needs some time to “speak” with the satellites, but does this mean it has to appear OFFLINE or is something else wrong?

Port forwarding and static IP should be also OK since I modified both at router setup page, but in the end, I can’t get answer from “yougetsignal”.
I am also having 100% audit checks but 0% uptime checks, if this helps.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hello & welcome!
DSL or Cable?

Hello LinuxNet,

I have it via Cable (Cat 5.e), coming from Fiber.

I have no cable myself but have often read here in the forum that people with cable always have problems because the port release does not work.

If yougetsignal shows the port as offline, you have to contact your ISP and ask for the port to be released. Without guarantee that it is the case with you.

This is most likely where the problem lies - please post a screenshot of your router configuration page (remove personal data like your public IP/DDNS)

Well, he is on Fiber. What he was referring to is the “cable” connection from router to node :wink:

Oh yes you are right. not read correctly. :see_no_evil:

I’ve talk to my ISP and it could be a problem due to CGNat…

So I have to wait 24 hours so they give me a compatible IP which I can handle. This one seems to not respond on port forwarding configurations.

Tomorrow will see but, will I need to create again the node when this refreshes?
In afirmative case, could you give me some tip in order to delete this or whatever?

Thank you guys :slight_smile:

No. After you fix the CGNAT issue you should be set. Since you are offline network doesn’t know about your node and the moment you see ONLINE status you are connected to the network. Do update this thread on how things proceed.

You’ll get a new IP, so make sure you set up DDNS and use that domain, otherwise it won’t work.

Let us know how you get on :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help guys,

tomorrow 25, by the 16.00 (Madrid hour) I’ll be trying to fix it and i will tell you what was going on if I make it.

¿Revisaste que la tienes la Identity bien?
Usa estos dos comandos en el PowerShell
(sls BEGIN $env:AppData\Storj\Identity\storagenode\ca.cert).count
(La respuesta deberia ser 2)
(sls BEGIN $env:AppData\Storj\Identity\storagenode\identity.cert).count
(La respuesta deberia ser 3)
Si no te da 2 y 3 es que la identidad esta mal

Gracias por tu aportación elmasnoob15,

Pero tenía toda la configuración inicial correctamente, incluso la configuración en el router, pero dado al funcionamiento de la IP debido al CGNAT, no funcionaba. Ahora que está todo resuelto con el proveedor ya funciona correctamente, aunque he tenido que hacer un remove y volver a crearlo, usando también un DDNS.

Thanks for your help guys,

it is now finally working. It all was CGNAT problem so, once was solved and I got my personal IP I could configure it all again.

Regards and best wishes.