Often falling node out of the network

I’ve had a lot of reboots node in the last two weeks. I don’t know the reason. I found errors like this in the log file. Can anyone help?

This means your E: drive was not available or too slow to respond to the file access request.

This too means your E: drive was too slow, unresponsive or disconnected so the file could not be read.

Whichever method the E: drive is connected, presumably over USB or network, it was not working at that moment in time.

You should install the drive directly to the computer and replace any USB converter or connector in between as it’s not reliable or able to handle the load.


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Please also check the disk for errors and fix them (storagenode service must be stopped during maintenance). Since it looks like an external drive, it must have an additional power supply. It also worth to check the cable (the storagenode service must be stopped during maintenance).


After checking the disk, Node works stably, without jumping out of the network.