Old timers bonus token fund

Should Storj setup a fund for rewarding the SNOs that stick around for longer? Like after 2 years xxx tokens, after 3 years yyy tokens, etc. as a yearly bonus, on aniversary?
I would sure love a bonus. :money_mouth_face:
What do you think?


The benefit of being an old-timer has always been that they’re storing more, so are paid more every month. Old-timers also made bank with the older higher storage and egress rates. Just the fact that they hold the bulk of the allocated space now, so get most of the monthly payouts now… is the bonus.

If anything Storj should cut all SNO payout rates again… but maybe with so many potential-customers queued up they can sustain the current rate through 2024. :crossed_fingers:

TL;DR; Old-timers are already well-paid.


Agree, but a gift from time to time, like a “Thank you for being a part of the project” has it’s charm and benefits.
The wife has the benefit of being with you for years and taking all the income :grin:, but still you buy her flowers and gifts. And she surely appreciates them. :wink:

They should send flowers to the addresses established by GeoIP-ing node IP addresses.

Oracle would get so many flowers.


:blossom: :bouquet: :rose:

send me the fricken’ flowers_token or i’ll DC my nodes!

We also may send STORJ tokens, if flowers are not available this time, just contribute to the code!

Jokes are great, and this is clearly a joke post. “Plox pay me additional moneys now” lol :slight_smile:

However, I do like the idea of commemorating users. I think some kind of token of appreciation to large/old node operators and/or significant code contributers could be fun

Should it be…

  • A Custom badge on the forum?
  • A cute little star on old nodes dashboard?
  • A shoutout on Storj.Io/ProviderPartners?
  • A real world letter with a wax stamp of the StorJ Token?

Okay, I’ve toyed with the “cute little star on the old nodes dashboard” idea.
How neat could that not be? Introduce a system akin to what Reddit is doing with their user trophies “Member for 11 years”, and display a little stylized badge on the node.

It takes very little effort to implement, and it’s easy to add additional informational value.

What if:
When you create the node, a round badge with the letter “N” is presentet in the upper right. The badge has a gray border, and when hovered over displays the text “This is a new node. The node is not yet fully vetted” When the node reaches 1 month, the logo changes to 1m. When the node is fully vetted on one satellite, the boarder changes to another shade of gray. When the node is fully vetted on all satellites, the node recives the StorJ blue color for border, and when it’s a year old it changes to 1y.

I understand, it does not bring any value to the StorJ project, so why should de developers spend time on it? Because it’s cuuuuute.