One more time I have issues

Hey there, it’s me again =D

I installed a new node and it keeps saying STATUS Offline QUIC Misconfigured…

I remember last time I manually validate my node id using some link but, for god sake, I can’t find it anymore.

Can you guys be the good soul to help me?


Hey @marcelosandrini,
Please use these guides:
Offline checklist for docker nodes:

Offline checklist for Windows nodes:

The general offline troubleshooting guide:

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I have one Windows node computer and one Docker node computer running in one place. The Windows node is normal, but the Docker node is misconfigured. I’ve been leaving it alone for over a month without any problems, and so far there are no problems…

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I let the node run some hours and then magically it turned QUIC OK.

There are more mysteries between nodes and network than the vain philosophy of men can imagine… =D

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Sometimes the solution is to let it go. :blush:

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You may check this: Step 4. Configure QUIC - Storj Docs

Please make sure that your port mapping section is

-p 28967:28967/tcp -p 28967:28967/udp

because it’s checked on every check-in (1h by default). However, this is mean that it’s unstable, something (your router or ISP) is discarding/blocks UDP packets. Or you allowed UDP after the node is started (it’s checked on start and on every check-in which happen every hour by default).

sudo docker run -d --restart unless-stopped --stop-timeout 300 \
    -p 28967:28967/tcp \
    -p 28967:28967/udp \
    -p 14002:14002 \
    -p 5999:5999 \

The setting seems okay, maybe…

Is it an ARM-based device?
They known to have this issue periodically.
You may try to modify your port mapping to use the local IP of your interface, e.g.:

    -p \
    -p \

Sometimes it may help. If not, you may leave it as is,