One node stuck on older release 1.66.1?

hello, this is probably a noob question so apologies in advance.

I have three nodes. Two have updated to release 1.67.3. one is still running 1.66.1. That seems… bad? I see these two messages in my log “new version is beign rolled out but hasn’t made it to this node yet”.

I try to manually update the docker image using these instructions:

link to storj doc on manual image upgrade

but I still end up with 1.66.1.

Is this a real problem, and if so, recommendations to fix? thanks!

Its intended by the devs. I have 10 nodes and half are 1.67.3, half are 1.66.1. They want a staggered rollout to see bugs before everyone has the update. Thats why 1.67.1 never hit 100% adoption, it was bugged, then replaced with 1.67.3. Youll just have to wait with the rest of us. Theres no manual way to upgrade.


okay cool thank you.