One or more access for one bucket

I can interact with my objects from Home…
Can I create a second setup and use an access grant from a different server?
for example:

available data:
APIKEY: …61oGtUeuj
passphrase : hello

New setup :
uplink setup

Enter name to import as [default: main]: server2
Enter API key or Access grant: …61oGtUeuj
Satellite address:
Passphrase: hello

uplink access restrict --access=server2
output access grant: …r9oWKBi5N <<<— Is this a new access grant or the old one?

Test command
uplink ls --access server2
2022-04-20 21:00:17 mybooks

Is this the normal way or It could get messy ?
and Is that access grant a new one ?

Thank you

Yes, it’s a new access grant, derived from the root one. And this is a good way to setup the second server with the access to the same objects using the same encryption phrase.
If you would decide to revoke an access for all access grants, derived from the root one, you may just delete the access grant (API Key in your case) in the satellite UI, this will revoke all derived access grants at once.