Online but inactive node

Hi there
I have set up a node a couple of days ago (60h ago according to dashboard) for which i have had activity towards the end of March (first few days) but not since yesterday (the network built down all storage yesterday & am now at 0).
Is there any (technical) reason for this or is it just node competition for storage (and the fact i just set up the node on the network)?
Thanks in advance

node ID: 1PZ72NmD88B2Dz4qotjNmhEYYHPmPufukMfu51V5fKAuhEwxvS
node size: 2T
Suspension/Audit/Online: 100% across all satellites
Current status: ‘online’

It’s a new month so the stats reset. Give it time it will show more details. Make sure you are online and not failing any audits. Your node is new hence the activity is less. It’s not inactive if it shows online and log has uploads/downloads


Ok - thanks a lot for the swift answer!

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