Online Nodes List/Stats

this is my first post. I’ve started studying this decentralized system since i got it on a google search.
I’d like to know if there is a web page where it display all the nodes running and/or other stats.
I’ve already started my Node, (4TB), and joined the Tardigrade waiting list. Do you know if they are accepting new developers?


Welcome jimmy

To answer your question there is no webpage to see running nodes or stats because of privacy issues for the people running the nodes, There will possibly be one in production but as of right now there isnt any webpage. You can check out this 3rd party runned by a SNO user

There is a dashboard for your local network if you setup in your start command.

As for the Tardigrade waiting list if you have signed up there always constantly sending invites but it goes in order as the invites come so if you did sign up you will probably get it soon because there always sending out invites.

Please know this is for V2 network which has shutdown

Oh didnt realize I linked the one for V2 Thanks

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Thank you guys, i’ll be contribute for a new stats service! If anyone want to collaborate, contact me!