"Online" remains low for us1.storj.io

I’m new to this, so maybe it’s not an indication of anything… Anyway, a week or so ago I had my server shut down for a few hours to fix some hardware issues. Obviously this took down my “online” time which I understand - all of them have come back up except for us1.storj.io which was around 94% the other day. Is it normal that this could drop even though my server and internet have been up?

Hi @scottpk,
If the node is now online and there’s nothing concerning in the log then it should be fine. The Online score is a sliding 30 day time period, split into 12 hour segments, so even the smallest connection failure can be represented in the figures for up to 30 days later.

Edit - How is the online score calculated? - Node Operator

If the numbers continue to drop then look closer at the log files.


Thanks for the quick response - I’ve just taken it down to install the replacement fan for the one I broke a few weeks back, so I will monitor the situation and see what happens from this point forward!

Hmm, it seems to me it’s low this month too. All the others are at 100% and this is in the yellow at 92.16%.
I do see some errors in the log, I’ll post them below if that helps to identify what the issue is:

I guess I can’t paste it in here, so I’ve put it in my nextcloud. Here: https://nextcloud.karbon.site/s/d3pkcW6XSqodrxr

EDIT: I forgot what you said about the rolling 30 days and today the online percentage is up to 94.62%. So maybe these messages in the log are not related to online time. My apologies.

These are all back at 100% so I guess it’s all fine. Thanks!