Online score keeps dropping after successful graceful exit


last year I started a second node on my home network, now the node is fully vetted and it’s growing. To avoid sharing the bandwidth with the first node I decided to graceful exit some satellites on the first node.

The graceful exit procedure went smooth and completed last week on all satellites without any problem.

However, I’ve noticed that the online score is continuying to drop day by day. In the following picture you can see the exited satellites in red and the active ones in green (the online score is not 100% on green satellites because I had to change the UPS batteries less than one month ago and I had a little downtime)

Is this normal? Am I sure I will get my held amount back next month?

Below the output of the graceful status exit report (fields 1, 3 and 4): 100.00% Y 100.00% Y 100.00% Y 100.00% Y

Many thanks

I think the status can be handled more neatly. In the past we even saw nodes being disqualified after graceful exit. Not sure if that is still happening. But the upside is that it shouldn’t effect payout of the held amount. You should still get your payout as expected.

Keep an eye on your payouts for the month in which the graceful exit ended (those payouts should happen in the first half of the next month) and if anything is missing, you can create a support ticket and include the receipt you received in that same status command. That receipt is your proof that you finished the graceful exit successfully, so keep that safe somewhere.

Many thanks for your quick reply, I’ve already backed up the receipts.

Anyway, isn’t it strange that satellites continue to calculate online score for exited nodes?

For example, us1 finished the exit procedure on Tuesday last week, the traffic has dropped to zero as expected but the online score is keeping dropping every day:

A little, but it may just be a side effect of not talking to the node anymore. It’s nothing to worry about, but it would be better if the dashboard just showed the node as exited.

It’s probably only for a month though, next month I think they will just disappear from the list. Not entirely sure as I haven’t exited any satellites. But I think that’s what happened when the old stefan benten satellite got decomissioned.

Well, I don’t think it will happen: I exited us2 last year and it’s still there.

Agreed, that would be good. Anyway, thanks again for your reply.

Ah ok, maybe that list is based on the trust list then. Anyway, it won’t impact payout of held amount so no worries.

Everyone is free to manage their nodes how they see fit, but… I’m failing to see how this is an interesting move considering you’re gonna lose payouts related to you 1st node’s stored data?

I started the first node more than two years ago, the exited satellites were filled with data used very rarely. The income very much depends on customer’s usage. The second node with only 1 TB has more egress than the first node with 6TB. Obviously things can change in the future, but for the moment this is the situation.

The two nodes are hosted on the same server/disk and the total space allocated is almost always the same: when I manage to decrease 1 GB from the first node I add 1 TB to the second node, so the sum between the two is almost constant, apart from the time needed to the second node to fill up the new space.

Moreover, for the exited satellites the data and therefore the traffic were very small: I’ll keep the remaining two satellites, which have much more traffic and data, alive for several months. For the time being I’m not going to exit from saltkale and europe-north because they are performing well on the first node.

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Running more than one node per disk is not recommended. You likely will lose the race for pieces more often than nodes with own disks.

I know, that’s the main reason I’m exiting satellites on the first node. Do you remember last summer I got disqualified on my node and started another one? You helped me to bridge with Storj team which at the end recovered my node. But I had already exited one satellite and started a new node on the same hardware because it was the only hw available at the moment. Things went well and I had no issue at all so I decided to keep the first node running until the second was fully vetted and start receiving more traffic.

Now the time to shut down the first node is approaching, that’s why I started to exit satellites.

The success rate on my nodes is not too bad, anyway, I’ve a good CMR disk and 1Gbit/s optic fiber Internet connection:


The online score keeps dropping:

I know that for me it’s not an issue since I’ve successfully exited from those satellites and I’ve got the receipts, but I’m wondering why Storj continues to compute online score for some of my exited satellites, as they were still active.

Maybe a bug? For example I exited us2 last year but its online score is not dropping like the others do.

The satellite is not removed from your subscription. You can do that using either option or storage.whitelisted-satellites

storagenode setup --help
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