Online scores at 0%- what happened?

What happended to my node? It is online since 15 minutes…

Please explain…

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If you started your node 15 minutes ago, those online scores will get up soon.

When did you generate / sign the identity? Also 15 minutes earlier?

are you sure?
My first StorageNode (some weeks ago) crashed. But I used another Authorization Key and wallet to generate a new one. So it shouldnt be related to the crash of the former node?

I generated the identity yesterday.

It used to be that online was calculated from the time the identity was generated, not from the start of the node itself …

So the online rate should increase in the next hours/days/weeks?

Exactly :slight_smile:

But keep an eye on the logs and when in doubt - ask in this forum

No… Online time is from the first contact of a node with the satellite, not the identity creation. The tool doesn’t contact all satellites and tells them about the new identity.

But uptime is calculated from audits and a new node might not get an audit for a few days or miss one because of a restart.

So everything I could do is waiting, right?

Yes, just wait and keep it online.

Now only one of six satellites is active. Makes me pensive…

There was no downtime…

This behavior is not normal …
Enter the last 20 lines from the log

the online score is an estimation of the avg last 30 days online time for your node.
it is based on audits and because your node is new and doesn’t have much data getting hit by audits while offline can hurt a lot on the online score.

the online score will start creeping up if you keep the node online, its nothing to worry about, and it will take a full 30 days to be completely gone.

it’s an issue with how online time is being tracked more than anything, which is also why the other satellites are at 100% they didn’t get audited during what little down time you did have.
and really storjlabs should figure out some fix for it.

log looks fine


This doesn’t seem right. To have all satellites except one on 0% uptime something must be wrong.

What does the dashboard show now?

Please check in the log file for ERROR entries.

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Have online results increased?

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The Online Scores seem to increase.

Thank you all for help :slight_smile:


Great :slight_smile: It’ll be okay