Only 10GB in 4 days and 2Mbps maximum network traffic

Hello Storj and community, i would like to know if it’s normal to get only 10 GB so arround 2GB per day on my node in 4 days with a maximum of 2Mbps traffic incoming and outgoing.

Thanks. Personnaly if the situation continue i will stop my node again (I have real servers in cluster for 1 node).

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If your node is new and unvetted then yes that is normal

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Hello how old is your node is it new?

I start my node few days ago (arround 5-7 days ago)

Yes that would be why, Your still vetting which your node is earning trust so you wont get the full amount of data coming to you.

It can take over a month to get vetted. Just let it run and after a while you will see your node reciving more uploads.

My new node is about two weeks old and still not vetted either so i recive the same low amount as you

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Ok that is good to know thanks. i have 65 audit passed. 100 is requiered on each satellite to be vetted.
Thanks a lot.

docker logs storagenode 2>&1 | grep “AUDIT” | grep “downloaded” | wc
65 780 14552

Better to request an storagenode API:

The successCount is what you needed to know, how much audits your node passed on the exact satellite.