Only GET, GET REPAIR and GET AUDIT since yesterday

Hi, i only have this kind of interaction on my node since yesterday. My node is not suspended on any satellite. Are you guys getting some traffic ?

About a third of my download traffic is regular downloads and the other half are repairs and audits. As long as you are getting successful audit downloads and you aren’t suspended then you are fine. Outside of Storj Lab’s testing, customer traffic behavior is unknown, just have to be patient.

Okay thanks :wink:

The last week was kind of a stress test for my node with tons of loads resulting in db locks. So i keep a close eye on it.

Checked my reputation and it is 1000 on all the satellites, so everything is okay.

Still seeing traffic as usual, about 15Mbit/s ingress. Is your node maybe full? Check your logs for the last uploads and the available space noted there.

not full, 850GB free space. But i had hours of offline maintenance last days to change the PC host, maybe it’s the cause. Some kind of revetting mechanism ?

me too only GET, GET REPAIR and GET AUDIT
i have again 308.99GB free space

ok, all is fine then :ok_hand:

I am still getting upload traffic.

ok, my disk is a 4TB and i allocated 3.2TB for STORJ to keep extra room in case of.

RMed the container and allocated 3.6TB in docker run command and voilà : instantly getting more datas.

A 4TB disk is meant to store 3.638TB when formatted. Correct me if i’m wrong.

The disk is dedicated for the node. What should i allocate in the container ?

IIRC, the satellites will mark your node offline for some amount of time if it can’t be contacted (I think I’ve read an hour on the forums). So after coming back online after significant downtime, you might not get uploads for up to an hour.

Very short downtime (changing a config setting and restarting the node, for example) should not cause your node to be marked offline.

@graphtek @buchette I think both of you may have run up against the node being full, despite it saying it has free space. Part of the reason for that could be the trash folder collecting some data which will be removed soon anyway. So no need to worry about that. The trash folder size is currently not included in what the dashboard displays, but the node does take it into account when determining whether there is free space available to retrieve new data.


Steady and massive ingress filling my nodes here. Egress is lower but also steady.