Only "Upload started" in the logs (very low ingress of a sudden)

Hey guys,

perhaps you can help me where to dig for the problem.
For almost 12 hours my node which was running fine for 2 months with a very high upload successs rate just got the worst piece of crap ever :slight_smile:

I already increased the log level to debug, but it’s not helping at all.
My storage is SAS connected, nothing changed, I have like 11 other nodes running with the same configuration and they work like a charm.

If I compare the stats to my other nodes, the egress traffic is quite the same, just the ingress is almost non existent.

The node runs on an ESXI with a 250/50 VDSL connection (and it’s the only node in this /24 subnet).

It also takes like 3 minutes or so to stop the docker node… where my other nodes stop in a snap.
Do you think it is a problem with one of my dbs or something? They are relocated on an internal SSD.

The only good news though: I’m not failing any AUDITS it seems :slight_smile:

Thanks for any help guys

I could finally solve it myself… if anyone encounters the same problem:

-> my /storage/temp directory was clogged to the prim… with like 100s of temp data.
After I renamed it to “temp1” and restarted the node it worked again…
AND I recreated the orders.db/used_serial.db

Seems that the cleanup proccess had some problems. Perhaps storage latency or whatever.

A nice sunday to ya’ll.

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This was more likely a database related issue if you ask me. The temp files were there because those uploads couldn’t finish.

I hope by recreating you meant repairing them. Repairing the databases would likely have fixed this issue.