Only using half of my available storage space


I have allocated 24TB to Storj. I have been running this same node for over a year now. It’s never gone above 12TB. Is there some reason it’s not using the other 12TB of my node? It’s held steady at 12TB ever since it filled up to that amount, now it fluctuates just slightly around the 12TB mark, but never increases.

Can anyone tell me why?

Nodes fill up evenly because of how pieces are distributed. Larger nodes do feel more of a hit from deletes as well though. As a result the speed at which nodes fill up slows down over time. My nodes have hovered around 18TB for a while for the same reason. I just started earlier, so I had a bit more data before it really slowed down.

Additionally, incoming data is actual data from customers. If customers don’t have more data to store, you won’t get more data. Simple as that.


So the entirety of the Storj network is less than 50TB? I guess I’m not quite understanding how data is allocated if a mere 12TB is the point it slows down at. Seems like with something the size of the Storj network, there would be far more than a paltry 12TB of data needing to be stored even on a daily basis.

I can’t fathom how you got to that number. Obviously not. There are 10000+ nodes receiving data. New incoming data is spread out over all those nodes and you’re getting your equal share of that (assuming your connection is fast enough, but requirements there aren’t very high). Some percentage of data gets deleted every month, which means the more data you hold, the more those deletes will cause your node to lose data. That leads to a balance at some point. Right now though it looks like that equilibrium is at around 40TB, so you should still have room to grow and going by my nodes, your node should be growing slowly right now.