Optic fiber routers

Does anyone knows what fiber optic routers can you use to replace the chinese ones from ISP?
Dosen’t need to offer Wifi or portforward, because I already use my own routers. I just need it to:

  • be available to the public;
  • support at least 1Gbps up and 1Gbps down traffic for the optical port.
  • better hardware to handle a huge number of connections (Storj usecase with TCP fastopen);
  • offer at least 1 Gigabit LAN port (RJ-45), 1 TV cable port and 1 phone line port (RJ-11);
  • support putting it in bridge mode.

I searched for the ISP offered ones and they seem to not be available in shops or even on the official website.
The only models that I found are from Ubiquiti, but I never heard of them and those models don’t offer phone and TV ports.
Are there more standards that they have to meet/ be compatible with, or is just an universal one?
How exactely are they called? Optic fiber routers? Modems? ONT?!
When I search for “optic fiber router”, I only get results with review/add sites recommending top routers from Asus and Co. that can offer super wifi speeds that I don’t need, and none of them have optic ports.

if it typical fiber connection not something like GPON or UPON then RB4011GB will do the job, it has SFP+ module for fiber. But if it GPON or UPON or something like that, it is preconfigured to use some channel in fiber and other thing will not work. Over fiber you can use at same time several separate links each up to 32 channel as i remember.

And how do you know what type you have? Only by asking the ISP? They are very reluctant to respond to technical questions. Is there another way, like type of plug, or something in the router’s config?

Reading a little bit on the Internet, I think I have EPON fiber, not GPON or SFP. Maybe I’m wrong… They say EPON is popular in Asia and Europe, GPON in US.

A picture might help including the ports at the back.