Optimized storage size for a 1 Tb HDD


I’m running a node on a 1 Tb HDD (when formatted, 959644600 bits are available according to “df” command).

For now, I run my node with STORAGE=“820GB” parameter but my HDD is used at 87% according to df command :

/dev/sda5 959644600 784857208 125949352 87%
(959644600 = available, 784857208 = used, 125949352 = free)

And on dashboard, I have :

Disk Space Remaining


As I have to keep 10% of the disk free :


What is the beset STORAGE parameter ?

959644600 * 0.9 = 863680140B


All Storj software uses decimal measure units (TB, GB, etc.), OS usually used the binary measure units (TiB, GiB, …).
For your case the maximum recommended storage is 863GB.

The dashboard calculates free space in the allocation, not on the disk (or the physical free space if it less than logical free space in allocation).

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So for a 4TB HDD the max recommended allocation is 863*4 = 3,452GB ?

We recommend to have a reserve 10% of free space. How much you really have on that drive?

All 4TB are free. So 4TB *.90 = 3.6TB or 3,600GB (not 3,452GB), correct?

Please, give me actual free space, not calculated. No one 4TB HDD has 4TB.

on my Windows 10 machine is says 3.63TB total space, However on my Ubuntu machine it says 4TB available. Currently the Windows HDD is configured for Storj as 3.2 TB and the Ubuntu HDD is configured for Storj at 3.3TB. I would prefer to update both config files to what ever the proper max size is. Both drives are dedicated to Storj.

Do not maximize the allocation. Let’s them run with the current parameters.

Ok, will do. Looking to add a 6TB 3rd node once node 2 is full. Should be soon as node 1 will be full in about a week and node 2 in mid May. What is the preferred allocation for a 6TB HDD? 5.4TB or 90% of what ever the TiB number is (which I do not know as I don’t have the drive yet)?

It’s better to have 10% or at least 100GB free.

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