Ordersdb error: database disk image is malformed

Hello together,
I just came accross this warning in my log files:

So looks my CLI dashboard:

Yesterday evening, everything worked just fine.
Which info can I provide to solv this problem?

Try this:

Tried that with my first node (because of that problem I needed to start a new node).
To the background:
My first node ran as well on my unraid 6.7.2. Unfortunatly I made an update for the container from the ui and since then the database(s) got malformed (after that I read from that manual shutdown with t-300). So I tried exactly this procedure, but failed at Point 5.2 because unraid doesn’t know this prompt (if I remember right).
What I have to say is, that I am not a specialist in Linux OS.
I am more an user and am happy if something just works.
What I have to say:
So why I like to support Storj is, that I have a fiberoptic connection, a running unraid server, nearly no downtime (UPS), a static ip and unused storage. So it wouldn’t affect me, if I share storage.
But what affects me is, that things don’t run propperly and I dont have the abbility to solve that problem.

So in order to not loose my node again (and maybe Storj for ever), maybe a specialist could have a look on my machine over TeamViewer. Because I think that my requirements for a storage node are too good to just throw away.
But you decide and I like to help how much I can.

Unfortunately, the problem is in the Unraid platform, your databases will be corrupted again and again, until you downgrade the Unraid to v6.6.7 or moved from it to any other system.

About timeout option it should be -t 300, not t-300. For example, to graceful stop the container:

docker stop -t 300 storagenode

In case of Unraid you should use their package manager, the apt only for Debian-based. So the more simple way is to use a docker-way, which described in the same article.

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Yeah, sorry with that. I meant -t 300

Thats what I made directly after installing the new node:

Ok, so thats really sorry to hear. Maybe in the future it runs with v6.7.2.
I think that I will stop as a unraid node operator since then.

Is there a description how to exit without destroing all?

Graceful exit is not yet fully implemented, so either wait until it is (hopefully pretty soon) or migrate your node to a different disk/computer https://documentation.storj.io/resources/frequently-asked-questions#how-do-i-migrate-my-node-to-a-new-drive-or-computer