Original Operator - 3 Years and I'm Done

Unless tomorrow STORJ is worth 1/10 of what it was worth the last time you got paid…


That has nothing to do with payment for the previous month.


It’s sad to see a node operator go, but well, I guess my node will get some repair traffic now.

However, the advice to not buy hardware does not make much sense to me. Well, unless you already have lots of unused space etc. The reason is simple - thee payout needs to be above a certain level to be “worth” the effort of running the node. Yes, in theory somebody can run a 1TB node and be happy with $5/month or whatever, but the effort of keeping the node online, updating it etc becomes a bit too much for $5, even if the eectricity/hardware/etc costs are zero.
So, I completely understand people building a normal server for Storj or something else. Especially with the uptime and data consistency requirements that Storj has.

It depends on luck I guess. I can’t complain about the recent price increase and the fact that I held all tokens since starting some nodes on v2.


That still doesn’t mean hardware investment driven by Storj is desirable for those people. On the contrary, it should be a clear sign that maybe becoming a node operator is just not recommended for them. Obviously nobody will stop them from doing so for fun, or maybe consider the speculative aspect of crypto like OP does, but that’s it.

The choice is not a binary “use this 1TB only” or “invest”. The third option is not to play.


And where’s the fun in that?

Or rather, if I expect something to be profitable, I will probably invest a reasonable amount. It helps if the hardware I buy would be usable for something else (that is, not a mining ASIC), because the effort to set things up is also an investment, even if it does not cost actual money.

Storj nodes fill up slowly. On one hand, you can start with a smaller array and expand it later, but also it means that you don’t see any real money for a long time.

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I don’t follow. If I’m paid in a currency that devalues a few days after I get paid then essentially (unless I’ve already spent it!), I got paid less, no?


You have less, but you didn’t get paid less.
This is a neverending discussion, without a good solution. No need to go into this rabbit hole again and again.


No, you got paid the specific value at the time. Think of it as buying a house. You pay a price for a house, that price is set. Say the housing market crashes. Your house is now worth less if you try an sell it. It’s the same house, same materials, same construction, just worth less on the market.


You two are, of course, absolutely right.
I was merely looking at it from the “long term perspective”.

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I feel your pain, I was excited when I saw the price going up. I’ve been an SNO since v2.0 was around. Then I realized I would be paid less STORJ/month and was sad. I’m happy for the team at STORJ and being listed on Coinbase is a huge feat.

I think the technology behind STORJ is great, I use the platform at my business via Filebase and it’s done a great job.


i’m sad i didn’t stick around since i initially joined up in 2017, would have made a big difference… but now 1 year in … well sure it’s not as lucrative as when storj actually was trying to build out the network and attact node operators, and with all the crypto hype lots of influx of people / nodes.

but i think leaving now is a mistake, i think the project has great potential and is very well built and managed in a coordinated and well functioning manner.

ofc if i just wanted to make lots of money i would be doing something else, but i expect the need for the tardigrade services to increase greatly soon… and then all those that runs off because they think their earnings are a bit sad at times, thats how it is running projects or businesses.

only with an employer and a steady job does one just get a similar sized pay check each month.
just means some body else is shielding you from how reality goes…

i can’t imagine how much money somebody would have made keeping their storj since 2017 and selling the 4$ peak… won’t be small amounts…

but hey i don’t mind people quitting… more data for the rest of us lol… happy trails


My nodes are small powered Synology NAS boxes doing other things so adding a node to them was no big deal. We have gigabit symmetrical fiber here for around $100USD/month and it’s great for hosting nodes on. If I had to invest into the hardware I would think twice about doing it.

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Fun ends when there’s an expectation of profits.


Sorry to see you go, I am in the same situation just my motivation is contrair.
3 years of spare space on my Nas (5tb) has brought me 800+ $ net. I constantly sell my rewards (sorry :pray:) and reinvest in crypto projects. For me It’s the perfect passive income, hardly no maintenance steady as nothing else, nice consistent project progress. I believe we are at the absolute beginning in the crypto era and storj is there and just starting to bloom. In 5 years I plan to look at my (then) old Nas with a big smile on my face.
Thanks team! You’re doing a awesome job,!


well, 100$-120…, you’re making 3$/month/TB… that’s what everybody is making… I don’t understand your post…

It sounds like you got out at a great time, congrats! Maybe one day you’ll have some spare space and will return? Don’t risk your profits with any dedicated hardware if you try again.

Good on you! :slightly_smiling_face::moneybag:

I was abruptly booted out last year and took that as my cue to shut down my ancient box and hodl my bag of 4k or so earned coins. I liked the project, so bought a few more thousand coins at the time. Sold them all near the top and will continue to trade USDT for 10-15%+ returns monthly.

I love STORJ! :smiley::moneybag::moneybag::moneybag:

Price is waaaaay too high currently, but looking for buy signals on the weekly charts. Y’all keep chugging away. :+1::slightly_smiling_face:


You trade USDT against STORJ?

you will be wrong to hodl the coins long term
there is no reason for the token to exist at all. since storj prices in usd

There is actually a strong reason for token (or crypto in general in appliance to this topic) to exist. It allows to save so much trouble of managing legal questions about payments between parties in different countries.
Not to mention it can be a lot more expensive even with current gas prices in mind because you need to have a dedicated person (or whole dpt, depends on scale of paperwork) which will manage paperwork for payments in classic currency.