Original Operator - 3 Years and I'm Done

I too held all my StorJ and when the coins did POP up, I simply sold all and bought more HDD’s to expand my storage :+1:

Originally had only a 10TB node (2 x 12TB enterprise NAS drives). Bought 2 more 16TB same brand :smiley:


This definitely discouraged me from starting my 1st node

It’s good to be informed, and running a node is not for everyone.

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Back again with a new node. Was only out for a month. Saw prices rise and thought i would just jump back in. As one day storj will be well over $40 per token. I have reconfigured to an new 8 Tb machine.

Nice move. Always pay yourself first.

Eh, it’s fine. This forum is like every other crypto forum out there with the usual drama of people announcing their exits.


Usually followed by some posts of people not caring… I really don’t see why people bother, but I welcome their data. :smiley:


We haven’t seen the real pop yet. BTC is taking the market right now, if you were around in the early days like i was, you will see a huge rally in altcoins after BTC is finished its ridiculous bull run, which could happen any day. I am trying my upmost to get strorj listed in uphold as i prefer this platform. If not asking uphold to use a voting system to get tokens listed. if so i will let you guys know to help in voting. Tip: Gold is going to pump very soon which could see btc lose its value.

Don’t let it, its fun and not just about the finances. i do it for fun really and to be part of the movement.

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Oh yeah. Gotta love crypto.

any one here heard about the new kids on the block … chia.net seems to be taking over the internet like a storm … every where hard disk hitting shortage… dang!

If only they had a support forum like this one…anyway, you can’t help laughing at their “green” blockchain eating the planet’s resources.
P.S. you need to update to version 1.1 since Monday. It is in their web pages

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That would be nice, If Storj supplied reasonable amounts of data to Store. I’m filling up my drives with Chia Plots now. As my Storj sections expand I’ll delete plots as needed to make room, but I’m 3 months in on Storj and still under 200GB of space utilized. Less than a dollar a month.

Good luck with that if your solo mining :slight_smile: please report back in 3 months on how much XCH you’ve farmed.

Storj is slow to get going, I’m only 5 months in myself and the data stored is low, but all new nodes are the same - we missed the good times of SB test servers and TB’s a day… But the tech is good, and the dev effort is good so it’s worth holding for the time being I think.

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It does seem to affect me. I will likely need some more storage space for backups in the next few weeks, and I planned to buying a new drive, but I do observe shortages now and I might need to cannibalize some of my Storj nodes instead.

Why don’t you store your backups in storjdcs? It’s really cheap now…in fact why don’t you store chia plots there too ;@


I’d have to re-engineer my current backup approach. borgbackup doesn’t have an explicit support for cloud storage, and the last time I tried using a networked file system as a back-end for borgbackup, locking was a problem.

Besides, this backup is the on-site one, supposed to be quickly available.

Feeling better and better about my exit by the day. Made a great play

don’t forget to check back in around 2024

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Yet you can’t seem to say goodbye to the forums. What’s the point? I’m genuinely wondering.

As for Chia, I’m reluctantly giving it a try, but at the same time hoping that when trading starts in a few days, we’ll all realized it’s worthless and HDD pricing can get back to normal. I’m not in a rush yet, but I would like to get some new HDDs at some point and not really looking to massively overpay.