Overriding available space?

I had to disable the filewalker on this node as it would not finish.
Now of course the used space is not correct and I cannot let it correct it.
The node believes it is full, however according to df there it 1.4 TB free. It does not accept any more uploads.
But I cannot raise the available space due to this change I guess:

as it is already at max space. So no matter what I enter in the docker run command, it remains at the max disk size.

So what can I do, is there a way to override this?

The way I “tricked” it was to reduce the Available Storage Space from 15TB to 600GB and just wait for the filewalkers to finish.
I know, Overused space will be huge and I will lose races and eventually money but I hope this way the filewalkers actually finish and report to satelittes and then I can resume correct Available Storage.
With this hack, you stop uploads and therefore the HDD load, releasing resources for the filewalkers reading operations.


I may add that you may also disable a lazy mode to allow it to finish faster. When the used space would be updated (i.e. all used-space-filewalkers are successfully completed for each trusted satellite), you may disable scan, enable lazy mode and return an allocation back to the preferred level, save the config (or update your docker run command) and restart the node.

Uploads have already ceased as the node believes it has no more free space.

I can try it again, but currently it won’t finish which means it will repeatedly keep starting from the scratch.