Overused disk space and 75% CPU usage from docker

Hey fellas,

For the past 2-3 weeks (or maybe even a month, I’m not sure), I’ve been seeing this issue:


Here is the result from
df -h
/dev/sda1 2.7T 2.6T 33G 99% /mnt/storj

Now i have been using the same disk for all two years i am running my node.
SO i also have the same space.
I am a simple human.

I thought this would go away after a while but it doesn’t seem like it.

Now i wouldn’t bother you if it was only this but i also noticed that my node is overheating like a toaster.
Then i opened the CPU usage and 75% of it was on the containerd.sock

Now i looked this up on a docker forum and it made thinks a lot better.
Basically i removed the corrupt log files from docker (no idea how this was done but).

Now the load is smaller but still a lot more than usual and the temperature isn’t going down.
Used to be <40 degrees even in the hottest summers but now it’s 50-60.

Should i check something else?

You need to check space with --si option to have the same SI measure units as a dashboard (base 10).

Perhaps you need to change the thermal paste between the CPU and cooler? Or replace a cooler?

Could you please show a result of the top command?