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I run few nodes and noticed that uptime checks almost always below recommendation. But the fact is that nodes are operating strictly 24/7, machines as well as network equipment run on ups. I know, that my node was offline for max 5min., but i see only ±98% uptime checks.

I started to dig in, and found strange thing (check the bottom line).
Tests are made in different locations, on different ISP’s.
How is this possible? With such a loss of pockets nodes shouldn’t work at all, but they run :slight_smile: And could it affect my uptime checks?

The ping is not related to the uptime checks. Besides that it’s under reworking:

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  • Dont care about uptime checks, that function is faulty and has already been discussed.
  • Ping is not a reliable measurement for uptime. Some networking equipment will ignore or give ping responses a lower priority.

What does a regular ping show you? I get 0 losses to stefan. I’m in Sweden and as this is preffered EU satellite for some reason most of our traffic will go there.

--- ping statistics ---

12 packets transmitted, 12 packets received, 0.0% packet loss

round-trip min/avg/max/stddev = 46.399/54.179/65.689/5.982 ms
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Thank you.
Let’s wait for the new reputation algorythm :slight_smile: