[Parody] Why is Storj Labs keeping my losses!?

I’ve been a reliable node operator for years now, supplying over 18TB of storage to the network, since the V2 network. And I’ve always taken the gains and losses as they came. Storj Labs is now taking away that experience!

Last month my roughly $50 of payouts was held behind because it didn’t meet the threshold for payouts on L1. At the time, the value of Storj was around $2. So I’m owed about 25 Storj. Because payout was postponed and the price dropped, I will now likely get about 50 Storj. I haven’t earned that. That is completely unfair. I should be allowed to feel the pain off loss, but Storj Labs is taking that away from me.

If Storj Labs keeps taking my losses, I will shut down all my nodes and do a graceful exit to not allow Storj Labs to take even more losses from me!!

(Someone had to fill the curiously timed gap in this type of posts…)


Thanks @StorjLabs for taking the hit on this one and shielding SNOs from market risks!


Hey, I want that too. Last month I got paid $150 which are now worth only half of that. Why did storjlabs pay me?

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It seems like you suffer from making too much money. :wink: I guess you should have sold. But at least you got the suffering you were owed! I missed out on that learning experience.

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So unfair… I got paid my $30 last month… [but I sold it at $40 :smiley: ]


Don’t worry, StorjLabs has listened to you and started a clean-up of stored data.
Now my trash has increased by ~3GB during the last 2h.


I am writen to All that will be masive drop of price, thous who belived, got sold at good price.
Other people, your fault, need to wait till it go up again.

hi i’m an alcoholic.

I have been a node operator for more than three years, I have 74 nodes with a total volume of more than 150TB. Over these three years, my storj payments were approximately $ 10k. I bought a lot of hard drives and other hardware. Recently, I deleted all my nodes and made another $ 10k in less than a month.
thanks to storj for that.

greets to Th3Van :slight_smile:


I got paid ~$49 last month, which is worth $21 now. But I won’t complain. I made some healthy profit when STORJ was near $3 turning $120 worth of STORJ when it was paid into ~$800 worth of ETH which has risen even more since then :smiley:

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You win some you lose some. Storj has been good to me in general. In fact, payments have been postponed for me twice and both times the price was lower when I did get paid. It kind of makes sense since during spikes in value there tends to be more trading and thus higher transaction fees.

It just seemed unfair to me that people are always complaining when it turns out bad for them, but never say a peep when they benefit from it. So yeah, I want my losses back!


These payouts seem great. I’m here with my 1.50$ a month. But it’s still in startup. It’s not really about the earn for me, I have the server up anyway

Give it time, the payouts will go up. For me it has paid for several HDD upgrades already.


I’ve got time :D. Back in the old storj network I got a 2tb node but then i moved and the network kicked my ass haha

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Especially if the whales shutdown there nodes.

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What do you mean by “whales” in this context? :thinking:
People providing massive amount of storage space?
Isn’t that impossible to do by design (unless you’re an ISP with tons of different IP addresses in different /24 subnets I guess)?

Well of course anyone who is running with 200TB worth of nodes which isn’t just one node, Which would mean yes many different public IP addresses.

It’s quite easy, rent a VPS and buy many IPv4 adresses with it (depending on your host that might give you lots of subnets). Then forward it, problem solved. multiple ipv4 on the same location.

next month will be 17th for saltlake satellite. I hope it wont be keeping my losses any longer :smiley:

Interestingly I earned $24 for last month and it was paid while fees were more than 50% and StorJ at the time was over $2. A few days later StorJ hit sub $1, so I have earned less for last month :man_shrugging:

I would like an option for SNO’s to be able to choose to receive payment in USD equivalent so that value is locked in for that months earnings. For tax purposes I have earned $24 last month but in reality I have earned less than half that due to token value drop a few days later :man_shrugging:

I am not really interested in speculation of StorJ price, if I was I wouldn’t be running an SNO and I would buy the StorJ token directly via exchange.

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Technically you are paid in the USD equivalent but of course because of the costs of conversion when small amounts are involved you are stuck and still exposed to token price fluctuation.

I’d love an option to chose to lock the USD value you were paid in but I have a feeling storj wouldn’t go for that.

I’m the same as you. In no way interested in the token speculation. I want fiat please…

Technically yes at the time of transaction, but no in real-world due to receiving a token which changes in price and also having to pay a gas fee to convert token to USDT immediately if you want to hold the USD equivalent, however no SNO immediately converts the StorJ token received to USDT for the same reason StorJ adjusted the way payments are done to SNO’s.

Just like the ability to opt-in for L2 payments, we SNO’s would also like to opt-in to receive USDT or USDC $ equivalent instead (for those that want to lock in the earnings for that month).