Participating to majors IT events, promoting Storj to customers and partners

Hi Storj, Hi Storj Community,
I would like to suggest 2 purposals arround promoting Storj to customers and partners, to increase work already achieved arround IT events and webinars/videos.

  • I could suggest more and more to participate to IT events, mostly knews worldwide arround subjects like Infrastructure, Cloud and Storage or others. I give you all my strenght for this ! :wink:
  • I could suggest also to animate more and more webinars or videos about technical and commercial purposes every week or 15 days for example. Deep diving into technical customer part, code integration on backup, archiving, IoT and applications or many other use cases, releases notes, SNO topics, deep diving into yaml parameters, reducing storage cost, Storj competitiveness, cloud storage and others you would like to animate.

Thanks for your answers. Thanks for all the work already achieved. Thanks for all Storj and Storj Community.

We already do so, you may take a look on