Password managers as potential customers?

Has Storj ever had a look at password managers like Lastpass, Keepass, Bitwarden, Roboform or 1pass to offer to store the passwords with Tardigrade instead of their central or personal clouds?

I think it would be pretty cool if my passwords were not stored with any central authority but with an encrypted and decentralized provider like Tardigrade.

AFAIK Bitwarden is even Open Source so maybe there is a real chance to work with them for an implementation. It could be implemented either as general storage backend managed by the company like Lastpass oder as a personal storage backend owned and managed by the user.


I like the idea but as a SNO I couldn’t care less because password managers don’t create much traffic. I have lots of passwords in my keepass database and its size is just 590kB…


I fully agree. However I just made a google search and that said there are 16 million users with Lastpass alone.
Now with millions and millions of users constantly up and- downloading their data (depends on the implementation, but it could be due to multi device syncing and constantly adding, changing or deleting passwords) this could become interesting. And don’t forget, if space and bandwidth consumption is small, then it is cheap even for the end user which makes it likely to be used.
And there is one more thing: This is not limited to passwords. Those password manager do store notes and even files, so a user could upload important documents or something ( With that a password database can easily become much bigger in size.

And as last thing: Never forget the promotional value for Tardigrade.

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yeah with document it would become more interesting in terms of bandwidth.
promotional value is always good, I agree, that’s what makes it and interesting idea in the first place.

i doubt they create much bandwidth today, ofc passwords going towards being less passwords and more like datakeys or whatever one should call it, then it certainly might be a future utilization that could be interesting and general some amount of traffic… but who knows…
would be a low latency thing tho…

but like jammerdan says, it could be a great promotional value if one could get a powered by tardigrade
much like cloudflare is known by all today… even if most might not know what they do aside from wasting their time with a fullscreen banner…

another thing would be many users would been constant latency tests for extended periods and globally… that would also be a healthy test for the network and if it can achieve that its well towards supporting pretty much anything since people will not like to wait for much longer than a blink of an eye before they start thinking about complaining…

i think it’s a great idea xD

as Tardigrade/Storj could chat with Lastpass to offer their customers the option in their accounts to save the encrypted data either or also on tardigrade. like it was done wirh Duplicati

Yes that would be a nice option. But I think it must be as easy as possible for Lastpass Customers. If they have to set up everything seperately on the Tardigrade website then I believe the majority would not be using it.
Everything should get setup through the Lastpass app.

well tardigrade is to my understanding meant as a backbone for things like that…
like say if somebody builds their own one drive, my cloud or whatever type app… then tardigrade could be what powers it, but that doesn’t mean people would be directly interacting with tardigrade atleast not that they are aware of…

but i duno… that was just how i understood it… haven’t really taken the time to learn about all that, nor do i plan to :smiley:
or maybe… if i get the time, but got like 100 projects… so not any time soon anyways.

I am using KeePass and with Duplicati I upload a backup to tardigrade. Works just fine. I don’t trust any password manager that makes a backup for me. I want to have full control over the password file.


You can take that a step further and use NextCloud with primary Storage being Tardigrade and use the Keepass Plugin to even have a webUI for it. :slight_smile:
Open-Source FTW!


Probably anything would be possible. The company could use Tardigrade as substitue for their regular cloud where they store their customers password files. Or only client side where customer can use their own Tardigrade account without using the cloud from the password company at all.

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