LastPass users: Your info and password vault data are now in hackers’ hands

2 things come to my mind why I am I posting this here:

  1. I could imagine that there are devs (maybe even at Storj) using Lastpass, maybe even customers to organize their Storj account or bucket credentials.
  2. I wonder if - if Lastpass would have used Storj as cloud service - such an incident could have been avoided or had somehow a lesser impact (In the past I had suggested, if password managers would be interesting clients given the Storj DCS architecture. ) or if ideas can be obtained from that incident, what features Storj could implement that such a breach could be less severe.

I am still using KeePass and haven’t found the time to upgrade to Bitwarden. Has someone a docker-compose file for Bitwarden that I can just copy and paste?

I use GitHub - dani-garcia/vaultwarden: Unofficial Bitwarden compatible server written in Rust, formerly known as bitwarden_rs as
backend, they also provide ready to use Dockerimages.

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Lastpass is pretty well-known for lacking security, it’s not exactly a news anymore.

Unrelated to Storj, but unfortunately there is no other convenient alternatives in corporate use cases (centralized password management for distributed teams) without implementing some custom tools and spending time and resources to support it.

Bitwarden offers hosted solutions as well for businesses. LastPass has been going down the drain ever since they got acquired by logmein. Would definitely recommend switching to bitwarden even if you don’t choose to self host. Keeper also has solutions for corporate.