Paste files without downtime?

Hello, i have recently hit 7tb and my hard drive is 8tb of space, so i was thinking of switching it with a 12 tb hdd, how can i copy my files without loosing downtime in the new directory? Because windows copy is harshly slow with storj and for 8tb will probably take 3 weeks. Anything i can use?, btw i am on windows 11

Hi, i use this procedure. It’s perfect and quickly.

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If you have the space and connectors, why not add the second drive as a second node? Why wasting the 8TB drive? Just saying…
The quickest transfer method is cloning. I use EaseUS Disk Copy. Stop the node, disable standby for Windows and drives, connect both drives to SATA preferably, or good USB3.0 addapters (if there are any :slight_smile: ) and clone it. Than remove the 8TB drive, install the 12TB one and check it’s size if it needs expanding.