Paying with STORJ Tokens

Hi @Hoosier ,

Yes this sounds understandably frustrating.
It will be a little hard to trouble shoot this without asking sensitive information about your accounts and wallets but I will do my best to help you while preserving your privacy

I think what support meant is that when you buy Storj tokens on some exchanges, you can designate the Storj token deposit wallet address for your Storj customer account as the receiving wallet of your token purchase.

If you don’t see an obvious way to do this on the exchange you are using, you should contact the exchange support to learn if this is an option there or if they only deposit token purchases to their internal customer wallet addresses.

Which three apps are you referring to? Exchange apps or self custody crypto wallet apps?
You can DM me if you are comfortable sharing this information but don’t want to post publicly.
I’m trying to understand what you’ve looked at so far.

There are always transaction fees on the Ethereum blockchain to move Storj tokens. But there are ways to minimize the number of hops that cause fees if we plan ahead and map the routes with the lease expenses.

Because you said you never use crypto I will link you to this for an overview. It is discussing the opposite direction you are trying to go, but the links may help you have a better understanding of the ecosystem.
It can be frustrating at the beginning of the learning curve, but once you get a hold of the basics it will a comfortable skill set for you

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