Paying Zksync fees in Storj is currently not possible

If I interpret this (zkSync 2.0 Update: Dynamic Fees Milestone Completed | by Shazia | Aug, 2022 | Matter Labs) correctly, then it will soon be impossible to withdraw Storj from L2 without paying ETH until the Storj team has implemented this paymaster stuff, am I understanding this correctly?

STORJ as fees is disabled on zkSync 1.0 (currently in use by STORJ payouts) rigth now. For 1.0 there is a system that automaticaly enables/disables tokens based on uniswap liquidity and other factors.

The quoted blog is about their new version 2.0 that might launch later this year or next year.

So paying by STORJ might just randomly be enabled again tomorrow?

I guess its an automated system based on some settings. But yes, they can enable and disable it.

And status of that is what is shown in this list right? Explore zkSync L2 Blockchain | zkSync Block Explorer


Hmm, this is still ongoing… looks like the vast majority to tokens on Zksync are disabled for paying fees, apart from a few.

I can’t find any official statement from Matter Labs on this feature being enabled for soo long, are Storj able to find out a bit more and update us ? Obviously we still hold the funds, but it’s forcing people to push ETH into L2 to transact.

Is this going to break payout’s in a few weeks time ?


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The team will discuss with zkSync and one of us will return with an official status update.


No later than the ETH-Merge zksync is a lame duck in my opinion.
No advantages but a Lot of disadvantages.

Why? The Merge doesn’t solve the problem of high transaction fees on L1.

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Not sure if this is really helpful, but if your L2 account is already activated (one time tx to be able to use it on zkSync) you can still trade on ZigZag to get USDC. That can be used to pay for txs on zkSync. So you can withdraw USDC without having to deposit ETH.


Hi, any update on this ? Storj on zkSync is still disabled for fees the past 7 days :frowning:

It’s slightly worrying for ZkSync users

No official update as of yet, as it’s still being discussed internally. We’ll get something posted soon.


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Any updates ?
Do we assume there might be 1 month delay?

The payouts will happen on time, even if Storj Labs has to pay the fees in Ethereum instead of in STORJ token.


Right, the plan is currently that Storj will pay the fees for SNO payments in Ethereum.

Regarding the Paymasters portion where fees can be paid with the STORJ token, no decision has been made on that at this point.


I’ll stack em up on L2 for now. I did consider paying in STORJ as one of the major benefits. And having to move ETH twice (exchange to wallet, then to L2) incurs a significant extra cost. So I hope this can be resolved.


Also for me, and I think for others, it was very convenient to pay using Storj. Not eth …

The team is still working on solutions.
However payments will be ontime, regardless of the method this month.