Paying Zksync fees in Storj is currently not possible

The team will discuss with zkSync and one of us will return with an official status update.


No later than the ETH-Merge zksync is a lame duck in my opinion.
No advantages but a Lot of disadvantages.

Why? The Merge doesn’t solve the problem of high transaction fees on L1.

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Not sure if this is really helpful, but if your L2 account is already activated (one time tx to be able to use it on zkSync) you can still trade on ZigZag to get USDC. That can be used to pay for txs on zkSync. So you can withdraw USDC without having to deposit ETH.


It’s slightly worrying for ZkSync users

No official update as of yet, as it’s still being discussed internally. We’ll get something posted soon.


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Any updates ?
Do we assume there might be 1 month delay?

The payouts will happen on time, even if Storj Labs has to pay the fees in Ethereum instead of in STORJ token.


Right, the plan is currently that Storj will pay the fees for SNO payments in Ethereum.

Regarding the Paymasters portion where fees can be paid with the STORJ token, no decision has been made on that at this point.


I’ll stack em up on L2 for now. I did consider paying in STORJ as one of the major benefits. And having to move ETH twice (exchange to wallet, then to L2) incurs a significant extra cost. So I hope this can be resolved.


Also for me, and I think for others, it was very convenient to pay using Storj. Not eth …

The team is still working on solutions.
However payments will be ontime, regardless of the method this month.


Do you plan to have the same process for the current month as well? So payments around the beginning of november will be the same way, in ETH?
I’m asking it as I have some Storj in my zksync wallet, but in the past months I received payment to my other ETH wallet, becouse I changed it by reason. So without any extra ETH transfer, my Storjs are stucked in my zksync wallet. However, if you will keep the same for early november payments, I can change back the nodes to zksync wallet, get the next transfer from you there, transfer/exchange my Storjs + ETH to my L1 wallet, then change back everything to L1 wallet… this way I can finally get my reward.

Please note that Paymaster is a feature that only applies for zkSync v2.0 which is not yet released on mainnet. Therefore, configuring Paymaster for the future zkSync v2.0 will not automatically make the related ERC20 token become available for fee payments on zkSync v1.0.

The reason why some ERC20 tokens may be currently available for zkSync v1.0 fee payments is only related to having sufficient liquidity on Uniswap. In other words, the projects that have set up Paymaster and have their token available for v1.0 zkSync fee payments must also have sufficient liquidity available on Uniswap.


I mean it totally makes sense, doesn’t it? Storj has been paying loads of fees on zkSync but there are probably very few (if any) people buying large amounts of Storj tokens (what for?), so obviously there is little liquidity?

Good news, our devs have been discussing with the zkSync team, so now STORJ is again available for zkSync v1.0 fee payments, see Explore zkSync L2 Blockchain | zkSync Block Explorer


oh, i spot something :wink:


That’s great news. Thanks for the update. Can we rely on it staying that way in the future or is this still contingent on swap liquidity?

I have no further details, hopefully @jtolio can comment further on this.

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