Payment April 2020

Today is 10 April 2020 & node traffic is most download & less / zero up load on new 1.1.1 / 1.0.1 version, i am very unhappy for this.
i was join the storj from last year of Aug, the new payment dashboard show more error, but
i know this is Development mode.

***May i know when the time to pay the payment? thanks

Welcome to the forum @PKMAN999!

Payment is sent in first 2 weeks and when done there is an official announcement.

This isn’t mining so you can’t expect regular flow of data.


when payments were processed manually, they arrived during the first week of the month :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Make sure your node isn’t nearly full. I’m actually currently seeing quite heavy upload traffic.

As for the payment. This month I believe they wanted to switch process. Yes the switch is to an automated process, but since it’s the first time, it’s not that strange that extra checks and perhaps quick fixes are needed. Don’t worry about it too much though, Storj has always paid and if something went wrong in the past they’ve paid more in cases where they didn’t know exactly anymore what the payout amount should have been.

You will be paid and you will be paid at least what you’ve earned. They’ve never deviated from that. I’m sure we’ll see payout any day now and if not, we’ll see an update before the first 2 weeks of the month are over.

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Currently im seeing much more data then I have in a long time sometimes peaking over 200Mbit my node is working overtime right now.

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I’m seeing more data and I’m seeing payments start trickling in.

Got all my payments for March on 4/10 so things should be finished shortly for March

Like I mentioned before, Storj tends to treat us better than expected. I noticed payouts were higher than they should have been. Turns out…

Worth the slightly longer wait I’d say, right?

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