Payment export as csv for taxes and documentation

Implement an option to export all payments (in a given time range) as a csv so SNOs have an easy way of documenting payments of a node which they can also easily use for taxes.

It could be a simple table like:
date | amount in storj | exchange rate | amount in usd | transaction-id on blockchain

SNOs of multiple nodes would still need to bring all those exported files together but merging them is still easier than going through each node or their wallet. (Of course someone could make a script that just extracts the information from the database files…)

A separate idea would be to email SNOs a payment notice on each month, listing payment for each node that has the same email adress and a total payout.
At the end of the year send one list with all payments to all nodes with that email adress.
That would make documentation a lot easier.

I do this now in a few steps:

  1. export CSV on etherscan,io
  2. format in csv
    3)import to (let determine the spot price during the deposit date & time of the transaction)