Payment info from dashboard differs what I received


After the payment of october I realised that the received cuantity differs from the info of the dashboard.
In the moment of the transaction I received 3.7$


I know the problem with the unset orders and I think this is not the problem, the last month I received less than spected because of this.

When I saw this situation I take screenshots of the dashboards (2 nodes) and decided to wait the actualization of the payout history. Now I have 3 different results.

Note: Nodes are both in month 5.

The first screenshots taken after the payout but before the payout history actualization:

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The total here is 4.47$

The screenshots toaken after the payout history actualization:

The total here is 4.01$

Remember that the final payout was 3.7$ and the same cuantity goes to the held amount.

I know that is not a lot of difference but is the second consecutive month that I have problems with the payout and is demotivating at the end of the months that the spected payout is not the same as expected.

Thanks for your patience with that amount of text :slight_smile:

You are running an outdated version of the storage node dashboard. gross total - held back != net total

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My nodes upgrade automatically one of them is in 1.15.3 and the other one is in 1.14.7. What are the latest version for windows GUI instalation?

In the second group os screenshots that equation is correct.

The latest release is v1.16.1. v1.15.3 is the previous release, which is fine. v1.14.7 is almost a month old. One of your nodes does not seem to be auto-updating.

Getting same problem with mine nodes on 1.15.3. Difference between payed out and estimated is around 10$

To me it looks like all of these screenshots are from an old version. v1.15.3 would display these numbers in a different way.

Anyway long story short your payout looks correct. The old dashboard is just fooling you. It is showing correct gross total and held back amounts but the calculated net total is wrong. That issue was fixed in v1.15.3

I know the net toal in the first pictures are wrong, below the images I put the real net total calculated with the gross - held.

Maybe the node with 1.15 upgrade this month but at the beggining of october I upgraded both to 1.14 because of the problem of the unset orders.