Payments April 2021

It really does seem that Storj need to run the payable cycle more than once per month, maybe at different levels i.e. 10%, 15%, 20% & 25% (fee to value ratios) to help their finances stretch further.

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Really, yes, April payout received, lowest in the past few months. I am kind a of disappointed where this is going, very enthusiastic SNO a few months back but now payout is very low, why?

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Fewer than the few in the last months? :wink:
The Payments of Storj are really a joke in My Point of view :wink:

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I don’t understand what’s happening with payments.
2 days ago I received less than 0.005 STORJ in an old account that already I don’t use with my node 2 months ago.

Check the payments from this account 2 days ago

There are many payments with less than 1 STORJ.

I have almost 30$ unpaid, but the dashboard shows the the undistributed payments up to March.

You should have used one wallet for all your nodes. As for the low payment, there is another thread explaining it somewhere here.

And if you change wallets after you abandon a node?

I started a new top-level thread, but payments are now complete. Payouts for month of April 2021 complete


That old wallet has no activ node. So u got the outstanding balance regardless of minimum payout, because Storj will pay its owe.


You are rigth! Now I remember… Thanks!

i got paid, and i know that others did as well…
tho i did end up getting paid at the storj tokens brief ATH, so got to enjoy the plunge right after, but i’m going to hodl and hope for better luck next time

This thread has given us good insight into the community’s perspective on L2 payouts and the feedback on our plans regarding making L2 payouts the default has given us a lot to consider.

At this point, the problems we’re trying to solve seem well understood. A solution that we thought was the best balance for node operators and satellites is clearly not what node operators actually want. We’re taking that feedback seriously and will have a response posted soon. As always, we try to be transparent with the community and as responsive as possible.