Payments April 2021

has anyone received April 2021 payouts?

Yes, but not me yet . Over 1000 have

I got on L1 payout some days ago.

Gas prices have been really high in the past few days, made worse by the raising value of ether. I’m not entirely sure how Storj is dealing with that, but that might cause fewer people to see payouts this month than normally.

I received my skSync payment.

I have just changed the settings to opt-in for zkSync… is it going to work?
Mainly the question is, when this flag is considered - prep or continuously through the payment phase?

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If you enable it now you will get your payout next month over zkSync. It will include any undistributed payout. If you are running several nodes makes sure to enable it on all nodes.

Still my question is open - what happens if I now decide to revert the flag? Which is the date this flag is valid. Background is that if I see the amount is enough for normal payment instead of zkSync, I can revert.
What happens if nodes at same account are configured different?

At the time of payout, the process uses the latest setting the satellites have received from your node. I don’t know the exact time this info is pulled, but I’m guessing at the start of payouts. If you have some nodes on zkSync and some not, you will get 2 payouts, one on zkSync one on L1. Of course the L1 payout only goes through if the threshold has been reached.


I would add - remaining sum for L1 should meet a minimum payout threshold.


I have received payment on L1 for March and April (didn’t reach threshhold previously).

well right now the fees are 90$ avg for erc20 tokens.
so i would guess they paused the payments until the fees are down to more “reasonable” levels.
right now minimum payout would be 360$ lol

So as SNO you basically not gonna get paid for a looooooong time unless you are willing to pay the fees yourself. The original idea was quite the opposite, lol.

I would say, it’s intended. See the Whitepaper:

So the current system allows you to select the way - either wait for the Minimum Payout Threshold would be reached on L1 or opt-in for L2 and pay the withdrawal fee yourself.

the gas fees also move around a lot, i’m sure they will drop back down to more reasonable levels eventually.

But initially there was no choice or selection. Ethereum was chosen for low transaction fees so Storj would be able to do micropayments and bear the fees. And that is how payments were conducted. This is the original idea I am referring to.

And for the whitepaper:

While we intend for the STORJ token to be the primary
form of payment, in the future other alternate payment types could be implemented,
including Bitcoin, Ether, credit or debit card, ACH transfer

To me this sounds that there are no fundamental technical reasons not to use other forms of payment. In another post you have indicated that these are basically legal reasons preventing you from using other coins as payment.
As this whitepaper is dated back to 2018 that makes me wonder if these legal problems are being worked on since then as well and if there can be progress expected to give SNOs additional options to get paid by the coin of their choice.

I think you are conflating payment by customers with payout to node operators there. Furthermore, the whitepaper for the most part describes how the Storj network works, but not the specific Storj Labs implementation of it. So any comments of what could be changed/added/removed could refer to other independent satellite operators.

From all communication I have seen, Storj Labs has never really considered using anything other than STORJ tokens to pay node operators.

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Maybe I am wrong, but I understand it that way, that chapter 3.9 is the general payment framework regardless if it is payment by client or payout to SNO and chapter 4.16 is the more concrete description of implementation.

Yes, that’s why I believe it wouldn’t make sense to restrict the description of payout options to Storj token. Instead it would make sense to let whoever satellite operator decide which form of payout he prefers.

I don’t know. But I’d say if you can tell that you can’t do something because of legal issues, that sounds like you have put some consideration into it, otherwise such a statement would not be well-grounded.
So maybe we’ll see some clarification on that matter.

It will be interesting to combine the longer lead times for payment along with lower rates for SNO’s in 2022… For those staying on L1 it could literally be more than a year before seeing any payments.

It’s a matter of timing. If we take current medium gas price, min payment should be around $230. Then again, gas was as low as 10gwei earlier this month, so min payment would be well below $10.

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